For information about Huntington’s disease and how we are involved please contact Colin Ford: (plot 22a) David McDonagh: (plot 22b) onsite or via their contact information on the Huntington’s page.

Gaynes Park Manners Way Allotments & Garden Association

 is situated on

Manners Way, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 6TP

Welcome to Manners Way Allotments. We are a friendly site and we have many features and benefits.  We have concrete roads from the entrance by the trading hut In Warners Gardens and an exit out to Sherbourne Gardens. There are also mains toilets for use by everyone using the allotment site.  We have plenty of free manure for members to use on their plots also wood chip is delivered to the site free of charge. We try to keep rules to a minimum (See Site Rules page) mainly in respect of keeping plots and paths between the plots neat and tidy.  We also ask that all plot holders and their visitors respect other plots and do not venture onto plots that are not being cultivated by them.

All plots are taken and we do have a waiting list.  If you know anyone that would like one please come and see me with their details and when a plot becomes vacant we can arrange for the potential new tenants to view it.

Please feel free to come and see me on plot 25 if there is anything that concerns you or may help to make the site better. Ray How—Site Manager



JUST a brief update on what’s happening within the Association. I hope everyone and their families are keeping well during this Corona Virus pandemic. Try and keep your distance when working on your allotment, especially when communicating with other allotment holders. We recently had a visit from the police and they were happy that everyone working on their plots were following the government guidelines.

At present with the schools closed people are bringing their children to the site, so it is very important that we obey the 5 mph restrictions. Ray How the site manager has offered to open the shop for ONLINE ORDERS ONLY. So if you need any items just phone or use the contact form on this web site and arrange a next day pick up time.

We want to brighten up the area surrounding the shop with some flower troughs, so if you have some excess flower plants to plant in our troughs they would be gratefully received. My plot number is 21, I’m on site most days (a.m.) weather permitting. To all new plot holders and those who have been on site a number of years there are surplus seeding trays (polystyrene) and plant pots for plants outside the shop. Feel free to help yourself.

It has been noticed that people are dumping their wooden rubbish on the car park. The Council no longer provide skips or trailers to remove rubbish so it is your responsibility to take your rubbish off site. So if the culprit or culprits would like to remove their rubbish it would be gratefully appreciated, your committee have enough on their plate to keep the site tidy as well as working on their own plots. Any help you can offer to help us around the site would be gratefully appreciated. Keep safe everyone. John Sheehy — Chairman

Please observe the speed limit signs

Please observe the speed limit signs

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In an effort to adapt to the present crisis your committee is offering an on-line ordering service for our shop. Clearly with the shop being shut the loss of sales will hit the Association quite hard so we are offering an on-line service to plot holders. We will give it a try to see how successful it is, as it will involve more work for the shop manager and committee members. Here’s how the system will work: A full price list is on the SHOP page, plot holders should use the CONTACTS PAGE to place an order, these will be collated on a weekly basis and the orders made up, a committee member will contact the plot holder to inform them that their order is ready for collection on a set day. Members must queue outside the shop and their order will be given to them observing the social distancing protocol at all times. PAYMENTS BY CHEQUE ONLY PLEASE USING THE CORRECT NAME — ‘’Gaynes Park Allotments and Garden Association.’’



Seed Potato and onion orders are now in!

Pick them up from the shop at weekends between

10.30 and 11.30 am.

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